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Formed in December 2018 by Jean-Pierre Cohen, Belgian Company DEX² srl stands for Developments, Experts in Extrusion.

Based on his experience of more than  40 years in the field of  extrusion and thanks to an increasing network of experts, DEX² is providing end users with a full range of products and services including spares for existing extruders, upgrades and retrofit with customized screw profiles according latest technologies as well as a full consultancy service.

DEX² will breathe new life into existing machinery, offering a straightforward renewal of major components or a thorough upgrade to transform the performance of existing equipment.

Thanks to a long experience, DEX² can provide assistance in trouble shooting extrusion issues, thereby increasing productivity and training operators.

DEX² uses sophisticated tools such as CAE software for rheological and thermal engineering calculations dedicated to extrusion process.


We help you for your complete extrusion lines projects
for wire & cable industry, precision tubing for fiber optics, microducts, medical applications, automotive


We can help you selecting the optimal solution
Extruders, extrusion heads and tooling, cooling troughs, vacuum calibrating troughs, capstans, caterpillars, accumulators, pay-offs and take-ups

Upgrades & Services

Upgrades for existing lines,
Screws and Barrels replacements, Extrusion heads and tooling, Engineering, Expertise, Metrology, Troubleshooting, Trainings

Upgrades & services

Extruder upgrades and Retrofit

Please consult our experts for your specific retrofit requirements!
We offer either a straightforward renewal of major components, or a thorough upgrade to transform the performance of your equipment!

Typical modifications may include :

– Increase or decrease of nominal screw/barrel diameter.
– Increase or decrease of L/D ratio.
– Redesign of the feeding zone.
Addition of smooth or grooved feeding zones.
– Redesign of die head clamping systems.
– Adaptation of existing extruder groups to new process requirements.
– Improvement of existing thermo control systems.
– Upgrading of line controls using our DEX – Line technology.

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